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Santa Barbara Calendar - September 2010

Knapp's Castle Sunset

Knapp's Castle Sunset - September 2010 Once upon a time there was a beautiful mansion in the mountains above Santa Barbara. Knapp's Castle had one of the best views in the Santa Barbara area. Unfortunately, as we have learned all too well in recent years, there is a certain risk associated with living perched high in our beautiful hills. The mansion was all but destroyed by wildfires. Fortunately the view remains and it is as breathtaking as ever!

This seems like an appropriate place to mention the brave people who keep the rest of our beautiful city safe from a similar fate. The firefighters, emergency workers and their families are all heros to the people of Santa Barbara. The most humble of heroes, our firefighters will instst they are just doing their jobs. But stories of above-and-beyond efforts are very common around here after a wild fire... Thank you all for "just doing your job" and doing it SO WELL!



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