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Santa Barbara Calendar

The Santa Barbara Calendar by Bill Heller - Cover Art
The Santa Barbara Calendar by Bill Heller - Back Cover click images for larger view

Take a photographic journey around Santa Barbara, California. From well known landmarks like the Santa Barbara Mission and the Santa Barbara County Courthouse to secluded spots in the mountains, Bill Heller takes you on a local's tour to twelve of the most beautiful spots around this amazing city.

An excellent gift for anyone who loves Santa Barbara or the California Coast.

About the Photographer
Bill Heller is a local Santa Barbara photographer. He specializes in food, restaurant, nature and architectural photography. He was started on his lifelong love of photography by his parents at an early age. They encouraged him allowing him to use their camera as soon as he was old enough to tell one end from the other. Over the years they instilled a deep appreciation for the beauty of architecture, nature and all of God's creations. Capturing and sharing that beauty has become one of the main purposes of his life.


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• Printed locally in Santa Barbara, California.
• FSC Certified green product
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• Printed using sustainable materials from well managed forests.

Made in Santa Barbara!



All content and photos Copyright © 2009 Bill Heller
Photographs by local Santa Barbara Photographer, Bill Heller